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Electronic Caregiver

Savings Lives That Others Can't


Pro Health Series

24/7 emergency response, monitored health and medication reminders, and the ability to record health vitals.  We also do a better job of keeping caregivers and health professionals informed of important life and safety information.

Addison Care.png

Addison Care

Addison's goal is to help you live a more vibrant, fulfilling, healthier life.  She's also designed to help prevent the clock of aging from rolling faster forward than it has to.  Her simple, interactive conversational interface means you don't have to learn new skills to use her.

Addison Care.png
Premier Series.png
Premier Series.png

Premier Series

ECG Premier uses both Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Cellular Based Location Services (CBS) in order to track the user's current location should an immediate need arise.  Our highly sensitive microphones allow operators to hear clients anywhere they may be.

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