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Aging Gracefully (and Hilariously)


Welcome to "Aging Gracefully (and Hilariously) Podcast" where aging becomes a delightful journey filled with grace and humor!


Join our knowledgeable hosts, Sean & Bridget Smith, as they guide you through the world of health and wellness, sharing insights on how to age gracefully and, most importantly, hilariously. Embrace the beauty of growing older with a touch of love, laughter, and expert advice on navigating the golden years.

Tune in for heartwarming conversations, practical tips, and a dose of humor that will make your journey through aging truly enjoyable.

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Each episode of "A Touch of Love" delves into various aspects of health, wellness, aging, & caregiving, shining a light on the unique challenges, joys, and rewards that come with supporting our senior community. Our seasoned hosts engage in thoughtful discussions, covering topics ranging from navigating healthcare systems and understanding different senior care options to fostering emotional well-being and promoting healthy aging.

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