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Arthritis For Old Age

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Old people being vulnerable to a special kind of arthritis; osteoarthritis and its symptoms; other factors leading to osteoarthritis; arthritis pain relief with osteoarthritis.

When a person grows old, the body eventually gets weaker, since it has been alive and functioning for the past, let's say, seventy years. The body is strong enough to stand the test of time, at least for a hundred years or so. Of course, it depends on the person if he/ she maintains their health and body to last them through their golden years. But not all people endure being old. A lot of cases concerning health conditions are showing through old age. Since the body gets weaker, it is more prone to illnesses and diseases that may harm or hurt the person more, hence, they have become more vulnerable to such conditions.

A common type of arthritis that affects people over the age of 60, is osteoarthritis. Since symptoms of arthritis are mainly regarded as joint inflammation, or the feeling of pain or stiffness, this type of arthritis also has the same conditions, but is occurring mostly when of old age. Aches and swelling with weakened motion in the joints, particularly hands, hips, knees or spine are the common symptoms of arthritis, specifically osteoarthritis. According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP), osteoarthritis is described as the deterioration of cartilage and its underlying bone within a joint; also bony overgrowth. Basically, this illness is breaking down a person's cartilage. Since the cartilage is the tissue that is wrapped around the ends of the joint, having this joint disease will make the bones rub together, causing joint damage over time.

This condition can be very painful if not treated immediately. Due to this illness being parallel to old age, it is very crucial to know the patient's condition as often times as needed. But old age is not necessarily the cause for such disease. Being overweight can be a factor in getting osteoarthritis. It can alter your movements in a number of ways. It will limit your movements up to the point where you cannot reach for that certain object because your fats are way heavier than you think. By not moving that well, or without proper exercise, this may cause to reduction of motion in your joints. Another factor in considering osteoarthritis is by simply injuring a joint. A person who has injured his joint can also lead to this disease, if not medicated promptly or properly.

In dealing with osteoarthritis, it is important to know different kinds of arthritis pain relief. Since most of the people with this illnesses are old, it is crucial for them to be able to function more properly and without pain. Arthritis pain relief comes in the form of simple painkillers, topical pain relief or pain killer creams, pain relief gadgets, exercise, weight control, and surgery. The most suggested method for arthritis pain relief is therapy. There are certain types of therapy that are much considered in dealing with osteoarthritis. Therapies such as massage, pet, warm water, music and hypnotherapy are among them. Moreover, relaxation and meditation are just an overview of possible arthritis pain relief.

With this in mind, it is substantial to know this certain type of arthritis, its causes, and how to relieve the person of it. To our grandparents, or those who are overweight, be sure to ask advice and help from your physician in order to lessen, if not stop, this disease from getting worse.


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